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Cracked Surface
anxiety and stress causing headaches and irritability from stress and fatigue
insomnia and depression from anxiety not being able to sleep not rested


Falling asleep

Staying asleep

Feeling rested


GERD/ acid reflux

Bowel issues



Mental fog

Feelings of dread

Intrusive thoughts


Adrenal fatigue


Weight gain

I support people with:

What I Offer

Virtual and in person options
for personalized herbal formulas to help you sleep through the night and relieve your anxiety. 

After our first 2-3 sessions, you will have a better understanding of what may be causing the symptoms you experience.

You will note some areas of everyday life which you can adjust.

You will have recommendations of herbs that will get you started toward the relief you are looking for. 

* some health concerns take a few months of work to see full results, particularly in cases of GI or depression. 

herbal tea
Natural Herbs

"I consulted with Amy for two issues, one being respiratory congestion and the second being anxiety.  We started with an extensive look at my entire health background and all my health issues to provide a more holistic approach to my issues.  Amy worked closely with me following up after our appointments and each time we chose to try certain herbal medicines, which is more attention than I get from my primary care physician!  We resolved the respiratory congestion in a few weeks and found herbs to help with my anxiety issue.  I find herbal medicine to be much safer and have less risky side effects than western medicines. While I still believe in using both, Amy was happy to work with me and my current prescriptions. I found Amy easy to talk to and she provided me with lots of information and a write up of our sessions together.  I do recommend her to my family and friends."

How to Work with Me

Step 1: Click the Book a Session button below, which takes you to my Practice Better scheduling website.

Step 2: Click on the package or option that works for you, then click Book Now 

Step 3: Follow the prompts for choosing a date/time available, payment options, etc. You will be charged for the service at time of booking.

Step 4: Confirm appointment time. You may be sent forms to complete prior to our meeting. You will also be provided a reminder, as well as the link to our Telehealth meeting if we are meeting virtually.

Dry Plants

Pricing Guide

Discovery Call

A 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your health concerns, and how we, together, can get you feeling better



New Client 

includes an Initial Intake and Follow Up visit) 

60 minutes which includes comprehensive review of your intake form, as well as suggestions to get you started until our next visit
Follow Up session must be scheduled within 3 months of Initial Intake

Follow Up Visits 

30-45 minutes where we will assess how things are progressing, reexamine options, and discuss areas of  success/ challenge



30 for 30

30 minutes for whatever questions you might have relating to: herbs, health, seasonal/biological cycles, or sources for info or sustainability

This is for informational purposes only and I will not be able to discuss personal health information with you.



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