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Clinical Herbal Consultations
Holistic Practitioners

Are you a Registered Dietitian or Certified Nutrition Specialist who would like to incorporate herbs into your client's protocol?

I'm here to help!

Please be sure to book a Discovery Call with me prior to an Initial Consultation.

Not a RD or a CNS? No problem! Schedule a time to chat with me so we can go over what you're looking for and how I can help you.

Working together to support our clients through nutrition, herbs, and mindfulness. 


Whether you need a full-on formulation or just want to chat about herbal options, I've got you covered.

Orange Blossom

Initial Consultation Intake

This service includes:

  • a review of your intake 

  • 30 minute Telehealth meeting with practitioner (you)

  • researching any potential contraindications/ herb/ drug interactions

  • notes provided to the practitioner

  • custom herbal formulation for the client (if needed)

  • herbal formulation sent to dispensary which will be mailed to the client (if needed)


Flower Petals

Follow Up

This service includes:

  • Review of notes and Follow Up form

  • 20 minute consultation to discuss concerns and/or herbal protocol

  • Practitioner notes for updates 

  • Revision of herbal protocol (if needed)

  • Formulation developed and sent to dispensary (if needed)






Just a Chat

30 minute chat to bounce off ideas, look over your protocol, ask questions about herbs- whatever you need! I will also conduct any research if necessary and provide you with my feedback via notes. 

This service does not include formulations and does not involve any review of intake other other personal client-related information. 



Online meeting

Monthly Subscriptions

Coming soon

 Build the package that's right for your practice. 

Got some feedback?

Since this is still a new endeavor, I'd love some feedback about what you would like to see regarding services offered, cost, and any other thoughts you might have. 

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