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Getting the Itch

I'm supposed to be finishing up my Herb of the Month newsletter right now.

But I just went outside. In my bare feet. In my bathrobe. At 7:45am.

And it feels like Spring. I'm inspired.

Here in Westminster, MD, we haven't had a decent snow yet. It's mid February, and as much as I am not a fan of winter, I am a big fan of snow. Yesterday it was 67 degrees. My flowers are coming up. I know better than to assume winter is over, because I remember having decent snows even in March, but come on. It's Spring today.

As I am still kind of waiting on winter, or at least some snow, I have been putting off the garden planning I typically would have done by now. This year has been notably different from the past two, since I just starting to build my business and had a lot of extra time on my hands. Not so much now.

Lately I asked a fellow gardener friend of mine what she's been doing out in the garden, since, in my mind, it's still winter. She's 'getting things ready,' apparently, and I gulped. Already??? I am clearly behind the ball (again) and still have a large pile of brush, the size of a small apartment, sitting on top of what is supposed to be the extension of my herb garden. Clearly, we are not ready.

At least I took stock and ordered my seeds -yay me! But as I reviewed my Garden Plans notebook (thank GOD I have been good about this) I noticed that last year I had already started my cruciferous babies inside under grow lights A WEEK AGO. Well shoot. Guess it's time to put it into high gear.

This is what prompted my impromptu saunter outside, barefooted and bathrobed, to see if life is in fact showing itself.

Um, not really. Tulips are coming up, but nothing has changed that much. I feel a little relieved, but even as I walked back into the house I felt it.

The Itch.

The energy. The drive. The feeling of caffeine surging through your bloodstream, but it's actually just your DNA from thousands of years telling you to get your hands dirty and grow things because it is the most natural thing you can do and feels amazing to watch something grow and to cultivate that love and know it's going to support you physically and emotionally.

Yeah. That itch.

Spring is here, ya'll, and you can't change my mind. I feel it in my bones and my inner knowing. I don't care what kind of crazy snowstorm Mother Nature throws at me in the next month. Spring. Is. Here.

If you get this itch, this irresistible urge to move, to get outside, to open windows and sunroofs and welcome the sun each morning with open arms and open hearts- listen to it.

I am a true believer that we are pulled in the direction we should be headed throughout life, and we have dulled our senses to this instinctual call because of 'logic.' The older I get the more I realize how true this is, and how stupid our society has made us through perceived norms and materialistic, empty values.

Listen to your gut. Scratch the itch. Allow stillness to see what calls you. Tap in. Drop in. Recognize the call.

Of all times of the year, Spring is where I feel the energy is most powerful. All things are coming back to life, springing to the surface from hibernation and rest. It's a palpable feeling. Like a gentle buzz. Can you feel it?

Go outside. Smell the air. Notice the change. Listen to the birds. Get your hands dirty. Get your bare feet in the dirt/grass/mud/weeds.

Grow some shit.

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